Almari My Desi Wardrobe

Almari My Desi Wardrobe



Almari comes from the punjabi word ਅਲਮਾਰੀ meaning wardrobe. It reminds me of my Nani Ji who always referred to her wardrobe as her almari. For me, the word triggers fond nostalgic memories and reminds me of the love and pride my Nani Ji had in her appearance and dressing up🙏.

Almari – My Desi Wardrobe is a place where you can purchase a variety of asian attire and accessories. The business has launched with their punjabi jutti collection which come with either a pair of jhanjara or a matching clutch! Each one comes with a complimentary gift box which can be personalised to the recipients name, an occasion, special date, message or even a hashtag. Additionally, each product is associated with a unique charming name making it a fun gift to dedicate to your loved one. It’s the ideal gift for that special female in your life; be it yourself, a bride, wife, MIL, mother, grandma, sister, SIL, niece, aunt or friend!