Ask A Bride

Ask A Bride



Plan your big day with complete ease using the world’s first ‘Sikh Wedding Traditions Guide’

Ask A Bride provides you with a detailed and comprehensive directory comprising of ALL of the pre wedding, wedding day and post wedding traditions and events that come together to contribute towards our fun filled wedding weeks.

This guide includes in depth explanations of every ceremony and traditions, taking you through each step of the event and what will happen throughout, as well as checklists of the items you would be required to purchase/have prepared for each event. Finally, the guide also includes guidance regarding ‘suit/gift giving’ throughout each event and explains the significance behind gifting a suit/gift for the relevant ceremony.

Absolutely everything you need to know – all in one place. No last minute traditions being posed on you, no last minute rules you were not aware of – less stress and MORE fun!

Lastly, if you are getting married in 2021/22 – a massive congratulations from us to you. Wishing you all the very best with your wedding planning and hoping that this journey is one to remember!