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Aurora’s Collection



Aurora’s Collection is a luxuriant Asian jewellery brand – offering exquisite designs and unrivalled craftsmanship – to create bridal pieces and modern heirlooms that illuminate the natural beauty of a women.

Aurora’s Collection is the UK’s First multi-designer jewellery store based in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. We have a curated collection from designers like Raabta by Rahul, Outhouse, Opalina, Fooljadi and many more.

We specialise in working with brides to carefully choose, customise, and style their wedding jewellery so they feel like royalty on their big day. We also design fine jewellery for their wedding guests and women attending special events. No two pieces are ever the same, and they resonate with the regality and luxuriousness of the Indian heritage.

These days jewellery is not just meant for adornment, it denotes an expression of the woman wearing it and as a brand, we provide them with the options to do so.






18d Vyse Street, Birmingham, UK




Sonal Pandya

About Me

Hi, I am Sonal Pandya, the founder of Aurora’s Collection. I have always had an innate passion for jewellery and am fascinated by the propensity a single piece can bring to the wearer’s persona. Inspired by my life-long love affair with jewellery, I create timeless masterpieces based on the traditional practices of Kundan.
I am also a pioneering bridal stylist, magazine stylist and fashion campaign creator who has collaborated with Khush magazine, Selfridges Bobby Brown, make up master Ganga Make-up artist and celebrity sensation Deana Uppal, among others.