I’m Karan, your guide to India’s finest bridal wear. 

My first step into the world of South Asian fashion was at the studios of Asiana Wedding Magazine. Styling models in the latest Indian and Pakistani wedding attire, I mastered the art of dressing a bride for the biggest day of her life.

With a desire to know who created these bridal garments I began my search for grass-roots level craftspeople. Finding weavers, embroiders and tailors who could design, stitch and finish a garment to the highest standard led to the birth of BRIDE ET AL.

BRIDE ET AL works with master artisans all over India to create a trousseau that’s sustainable, ethically sourced and does good. From the southern states of Tamil Nadu famed for its golden Kanjivaram sarees to Punjab’s celebrated same-sided phulkari dupattas, Bride et al is your portal to the finest Indian textiles. 

Always pushing boundaries, BRIDE ET AL launched the ‘Life Story Dupatta.’ 

A 2.4 metre long chunni that documents a bride’s journey in Chamba Rumal, a folk embroidery originating from the Himalayas of India.

From birth to marriage, the centre of the dupatta houses figures of a bride and her loved ones. Photographs shared by the bride are translated into Mughal miniature art and drawn onto running tussar silk. Decorated with elephants, birds and even pets each motif is embroidered in satin stitch for that all-important shine. Embroidered by a National Award Winning Chamba Rumal artist, each bride receives a keepsake that’s all about her.

In the picture gallery below you’ll see the step-by-step creation process that takes over two months. Complete with a floral border the personalised ‘Life Story Dupatta’ is the perfect second chunni for a bride’s wedding day. 

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