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Laalatee by Nikita



Laalatee by Nikita is a luxury Indian wear brand creating intricate designs, expressing elegance in every piece. The name Laalatee is inspired from the Hindi scripture for elegance. The brand strives to exhibit the heritage Indian crafts, with an element of modern and a touch of Laalatee. We specialise in creating luxury styles of classic and modern occasion wear, bridal wear and bespoke pieces, you can find an outfit for every occasion. All of our outfits are made to measure allowing us to create each outfit with attention to detail.






London, UK




Nikita Vaitha

About Me

As young girl, I was in awe of the beauty in the clothing from our motherland. I always saw it as more than just clothing, I asked myself how are these pieces made, why do they take so long to make. I then realised as I grew older and took a greater interest that these pieces were not just clothes, they were art. As a designer, it is important to be able to envision your artwork, that is the beauty of it. There is always the ability to be bold, be different, be original. The opportunity to express your personality in your art, your clothing. It is a very beautiful thing. Every detail of the outfits is made with passion, creativity, dedication. There is a story behind every piece. This is what inspired me to create my own luxury clothing brand, Laalatee by Nikita. The name Laalatee is inspired from Hindi Scripture for elegance. As a brand, we want our clients to feel elegant, flawless and empowered. There is certain a feeling you get when you are dressed in something you know has had the attention to detail and has been created to great quality. For me, as soon as I wear one of my outfits I feel refreshed, I feel beautiful and free. Our goal is to make clients feel the same, they are part of the story, they are with us on this journey.

I hope you will continue to join me on this journey through Laalatee by Nikita.

Founder, Laalatee by Nikita