Love Always Wins – Weddings Now and Looking to the Future

It’s safe to say that the pandemic we are experiencing is something we never could have planned for and the wedding world, like so many, has been battered and bruised by the waves and lockdowns it has brought.

We’ve all felt the fatigue of not knowing when or what we will be able to achieve. There’s been planning and then re-planning of dates and also the regulations we have to honour when restrictions are taken up and down.

The uncertainty has made it exceptionally hard for couples and suppliers alike to feel the usual joy that comes with creating the celebrations and for some it will have changed their view on what is important. With the vaccine now rolling out in earnest in the UK it gives us some light in what has been a very difficult period. I’m seeing couples starting to become more hopeful their dates will go ahead and that the positivity we are all so used to feeling is starting to return. I really hope that is where you are now.

What has been very clear though is that “love always wins” whether you have chosen to get married now whatever the conditions or to move your date you will be celebrating in the way that feels right to you.

Trends during the pandemic have obviously turned towards smaller, intimate “micro” weddings but this is now becoming more of a choice in some respects and we are seeing some new considerations in these that will follow into larger nuptials as restrictions hopefully lift.

There has been a feeling of release from having to do all the usual traditions that can come with planning the big day with a much larger guestlist. This has meant a deeper focus on details for the guests and the couples love story that can be told in a more intimate setting.

All of this can easily translate into a bigger wedding, budgets can be spent on what is important rather than all the trappings of a traditional do which can add a large cost per head when it’s totted up. You can talk about what’s really important to you both as part of the day, the non-negotiable if you like. Focus your budget around this and then look at the other things that are perhaps more traditional but nice to have rather than must have on the day.

As much as we have always focused on the marriage when we plan weddings the romance has become really centre stage and what it means to be making those vows. More has been put into the ceremony and the declaration not only with vows but with ambience, lighting, décor and music to make what can be the shorter part of the wedding the real focus.

Couples can do a lot with the personalisation of their day and bring the things they love into food and drink and personalise the guest experience with thoughtful table settings or favours that will resonate with each individual.

With smaller guest numbers marry now, party later will also be a theme – especially for those who want to keep their date but know they will create a big reception and have the other celebrations when they can get everyone together safely. The sequel wedding will mean that some rites of passage and important milestones that are a big part of the run up to the big day could be planned for later along with the big party afterwards. 

And outdoor weddings or bringing nature inside will be a trend for a while. The open air has been a theme all the way through the last year that has brought a sense of comfort, we have been socialising out of doors for a while now. You can picture the lights and atmosphere of a sunset that we have appreciated so much as a way of being together when other places we love to gather have been off limits.

It has been tough time and I hope that you are still planning the wedding of your dreams, what is important to you as a couple should be centre stage of your vision and if anything this pandemic has really brought home our priorities.

Enjoy your planning as this is a magical time, keep it about what is magical about you as a couple and your relationship and your wedding will be perfect.


Blog by The Joy Planner

Founder; Laura Harrison

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