Positively Scrumptious

Positively Scrumptious



Bespoke luxury brownies with the choice of your own design, makes them the perfect gift for your special day. There are so many ideas and designs we can work together on, whether you’d like to send save the date brownies, or have your wedding invite printed onto one, the options are endless. We have various sizes to suit everyones needs. Why not take some brownies with you whilst handing out your invites as a sweet treat or better yet send a thank you brownie in the post for your loved ones to receive as a surprise. 

Aside from them being the most moist, gooey, delicious brownies ever, the idea was to top them with any design you want, (and I mean anything). Not only providing you with a great sweet treat to send to your loved ones, but its also a gift that has your thoughtful & personal touch on them. Positively Scrumptious will walk you through step by step, from the design process to deciding the appropriate packaging and even arranging delivery to your loved ones.

These Bespoke Luxury Brownies are a lovely sentiment and will definitely add that special touch to your big day. We look forward to working together and giving your events a sense of uniqueness and originality, with a twist of your amazing personality.

We have an in house design team to help you with any wedding stationary concepts you may like to venture out and produce for your celebration. If you’d like to taste our Positively Scrumptious Brownies please feel free to order via our email address- positivelyscrumptiousuk@gmail.com or DM us on @positively_scrumptious.