Sister of the bride…

As I help my sister plan for her wedding later on this year, it dawned on me how different things have become. Trying to plan a wedding or a celebration during a pandemic really isn’t an easy task, especially if you’re like me and love to shop! 

We have become accustomed to big weddings with different events taking place across a number of days. With hundreds of guests or “family friends” many of who we can’t really remember their names, or the last time we actually spoke to them! 

The thought of having a small intimate family wedding is beginning to really appeal to me. In fact, much so that it has made me reflect on our past and how things have changed over time. 

I work for a community museum, in our archive there is one photograph that really stands out to me. It is of a priest, conducting a religious Puja ceremony in the front garden of the bride’s house in the 1970s. 

Looking at this photo is a real reminder that our parents and grandparents didn’t have the disposable income or luxury of having big celebrations.  In fact, most were surrounded with the love of close family and friends as we find ourselves today. I came across a lovely photo of my mother & father in law’s wedding in 1976 showing exactly this. 

So I think we should look to take inspiration from our own family photos. The fashion, the jewellery the venue be it at home, we can all learn so much from our elders, asking questions and listening to funny stories about their ‘big day’ and how they made use of what they had. 

This time to plan and reflect has also made me appreciate the smaller things we can do to include guests. Especially as we are so much more connected now.  Our virtual guests are still our guests after all. 

For example, posting a card with a gift to announce a virtual invite to the wedding. Setting up zoom links, encouraging people to dress up at home, is all so much fun and connects us to our wider circle of family and friends all around the world. 

Here’s my message for the brides that are feeling disheartened; I truly believe your wedding will still be a beautiful time for you as a couple and a heartfelt experience for your guests. 

Wishing you all the best for your day of celebration. 

Aki Deo xx 

Blog written by Deo Deco London. 

Photo credit: Amarjeet Sahota 

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