Wedding Cake Trends 2021

Whether you are working with your wedding planner or planning your wedding with your family, wedding cakes will be on your to do list and whilst it may change in size, taste and appearance, cakes will always be a wedding tradition.

We don’t yet know how weddings may be restricted as we come out of this latest lockdown, but with the vaccine rollout upon us, I’m optimistic for a better year

Looking to be on-trend or simply enjoy staying abreast with the latest styles, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the designs predicted to be super popular for wedding cakes in 2021 and moving into 2022.

Take a look at my top 5 wedding cake trends for 2021:

In 2021 we are already seeing two camps emerging from a Covid-filled

2020 that postponed many hopes and dreams.

The ‘go big’ vibe with a mixture of different shaped cake tiers and geometric shapes. Big blousy sugar flowers, bold sugar floal arrangements, tall, detailed and glamorous tiers all make for an eye catching cake. Couples who have been waiting to celebrate their big day will want to do so in a big way with a cake that makes a big statement.

Micro Weddings; the simplicity and intimacy that a smaller guest list will afford them a smaller but taller cake tiers which fit perfectly in a relaxed intimate wedding.  Attention to detail will be key as the cake can be adorned with luxury embellishments like 24 carat edible gold leaf and organic silk ribbons!

Statement cakes; for some going micro won’t necessarily mean going ‘small’ on their wedding cake! Statement cakes are sill very much asked for with lots of detailing like gold opulent detailing, edible lace, pearls and individual cut ruffles adorning wedding cakes this season!

Bold vs Pastel; Opinion is divided this year between bold and pastel cakes.    Whatever you prefer we can always find a way to make it work for you. Why not incorporate your Indian heritage with a bold  paisley/kashmir inspired design. Or a more muted pastel ombre wave cake taking inspiration from your grooms wedding attire.

Wedding Jewellery; This will be the year to really lean into an even more artistic approach, with the incorporation of your wedding  jewellery. I have seen a greater interest in couples wanting to take inspiration from their jewellery and lean into a more modern artistic approach to cake design which incorporate these special, meaningful elements.